A Few Things I Do
Artist, Designer, Editor and Publisher
I'm having some fun using the Ai Generator, and I'm feeling that this tool will make my job much easier, to accomplish the many different tasks that it takes; to do all the jobs that I need to do, to become successful online with my creative business.  

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Illustrator, Artist, Painter, Designer
Art & Design  by Chriss Sather
I have a large abundance of ai images, digital and hand drawn art and illustrations, as well as a large photo database.  I am working towards getting it up into the websites over time.
Kathouz KatGrafix Co
Writer, Editor & Publisher
Desktop Publishing
Mostly creative writing,  I do enjoy expressing my thoughts and sometimes share.  I'm not a big social media poster, I like to do things a little more old-school. I'm working on changing this attitude.


Royalty Free photo downloads for your projects.